(A) Winners for the Lecture and Painting competition on “SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY FOR SPECIALLY ABLE PERSONS” held on 30-March-2017 at GHSS, Wokha.

  1. Liah T Yanthan (First) of Class 9A, for Lecture and
  2. Marlyn L Odyuo (First) of Class 7 for Painting.

(B) Champions of the Inter High School Project based on the Topic, “Beautification Tsumang Lake” 05 June 2017

  1. Presentation Team:

Mhachoni Murry (9A), Liah T Yanthan (9A) and Yachumaro (9C)

2. Members of the Design Team:

Epi Selina Kikon(9A), Rubenthung W Ngullie (9A), Aben(9B), Kithunglo(9B), Mhonyani O. Tungoe(10A), Fuchumlo L. Yanthan(10A),

3. Members of the Modelling Team

Nzano E. Odyuo(10B), Thungyani E. Humtsoe, 33(10B), Thungyani M Humtsoe, 34(10B), Wonchibeni N. Humtsoe(10B), Thunglamo E. Shitiri(10B)

(c) 2nd position secured by Mhonyani O Tungoe 10A on “Essay competition Fundamental Rights and Duties”.