1.     The School is recognized by the Nagaland Board of School Education (NBSE) Kohima, and prepares the boys and girls for the H.S.S.L.C. (ARTS) Examination.
2.     Catholic students are given religious instruction. A regular course of Moral instruction is imparted to all the students.


I English
II. Lotha / Alternative English
III. Three Elective Subjects from the following:
(a) History    (b) Political Science    (c) Economics
(d) Education/ Informatic Practices
IV. Fourth Elective Subject
Candidates shall have option to opt a fourth Elective Subject out of the list of Elective subjects mentioned in III. Therefore the subject not taken as an elective subject will be considered as additional subject. All the candidates are advised to take up fourth elective subject on compulsory basis that may stand for any one of the three elective subject in case a candidate fails in one of the elective subjects so chosen. Further in case of pass in such fourth elective subject, the excess of 33 marks shall be added to total of marks to determine division or rank.


1. All students irrespective of admission date shall pay 12 months Tuition Fees at the rate of Rs. 700/- per student per month by the Higher Secondary students. All the tuition fees can be paid either at the beginning of the year or in 4 installments so as to cover a total of 12 months fees each year. Class XI and Class XII students shall clear the school fees before the PROMOTION/ SELECTION examination.
2.    At the time of Admission, tuition fees for the first three months together with the special fees are to be paid by Class XI and Class XII students.