(1) Don Bosco Higher Secondary School, Wokha is a Christian minority Educational Institution under NBSE curriculum run by the Salesian of St. John Bosco, a great educator of Youth. The method of education followed in the School is the method taught and practiced by St. John Bosco, viz., based on the fear of God, on conviction, prevention of faults and paternal correction.

(2) The aim of the institution is to impart a sound education by cultivating in the pupils habits of piety, virtue, self-reliance and discipline while they go through their studies. Hence, particular attention is given to discipline and character formation by means of religious and moral instruction.

(3)The school encourages student’s participation in school activities by means of organization- House system, clubs which aim at fostering the genuine interests of the students in the sphere of the intellectual and cultural, social and other extracurricular activities for the complete formation of the student.

(4) To develop a positive attitude amongst the students and development of their Emotional Intelligence so that they can cope with the stresses and strains of life better, develop better interpersonal relationships and other life skills so essential in today’s world.

(5) To impart basic computer education to Programming and Database Management, conforming to international levels so that they are capable of using the computer as a tool for their development.

(6) A keen sense of social awareness and justice with a concern for the underprivileged of the society.

(7) To develop an awareness and pride of our rich cultural heritage.

(8) To develop an independent mind capable of assessing events and situations objectively together with a sense of pride in doing any job well, no job being beneath one’s dignity.

(9) In short, to make him/her a good human being and conscientious citizen. These are sought to be achieved through a total personality development programme, co-curricular activities and interactive teacher student relationships where students are not afraid to ask questions not only on academics but also on wide range of issues.



  1. To inculcate the school’s motto “ VIRTUE and KNOWLEDGE” amongst students and teachers; through personal examples of Seniors, Alumni, teachers and programmes like, Social Work, Scouts & Guides, NCC etc.
  2. To educate the children of the rich history, culture and heritage of North East India..
  3. To transact all activities of the school in a fair, just and transparent manner which is visible and which imparts an abiding influence on the minds of students unobtrusively..
  4. To give respect to each student individually and treat everyone with sensitivity and love.
  5. To maintain an affordable fee structure so that a cross section of the society is reflected in the school’s enrollment.
  6. To open the windows of communication with happenings of the world.
  7. To be technologically proficient, yet grounded to the earth.
  8. To be aware of one’s culture, traditions and heritage through cultural and other activities.
  9. To be ecologically and environmentally conscious and active in order to create a better world.
  10. To be academically at par with the best.
  11. To mould and groom the students to be good human beings and good citizens of the country.
  12. To inculcate the habit of reading, questioning, reasoning and inquisitiveness in a fear free environment.