1.     Punctuality and Attendance: Pupils must be punctual for class on every working day. Late comers should not enter the class without the permission of the Principal/Vice-Principal. Absence will be indicated in the attendance register in the following ways:-
a)    If the student has submitted the leave letter “L”
b)    If no leave letter “A”
2.     a)    No absentee should enter the class without the permission of the principal.
b)    A student who is absent from school for the period of five days in succession without permission will be marked “LEFT”. If he/she is to be re-admitted, he/she will have to pay fresh admission fee for Rs. 3000.00
c) In case of sickness the school authorities must be notified on time and a doctor’s certificate should be produced.
3.     LATE COMERS should meet the principal and their names must be entered in the late coming record.
4.     The school premises should be kept neat and tidy. Scribbling on the walls and furniture is strictly prohibited. Any damage caused to the property of the school will have to be made good.


1.     For withdrawals, application must be made by the Parents or guardian and not by the students.
2.    Disobedience and disrespect towards the members of the staff, or immoral behaviour and consuming alcoholic drinks, tobaco products, fights and quarrels justify suspension followed by the end of the year. Pupils are responsible to the school authorities for their conduct both in and outside the school.
3.     Students failing to attain 80% of attendance may not be allowed to appear for the promotion examination for classes 9 to 12 and other classes will be given T.C. at the end of the year.
4.     Those escaping during school hours or bunk the class will be given T.C. at the end of the year.
5.     Students loitering and roaming in and around the school campus after the class or during the holidays, without any reason will be suspended from the school. They will be taken back only after signing the agreement with the parents.
6.     During the school programs, functions or any social gatherings students taking any kinds of intoxicants which are not allowed in and around the school campus, will be suspended for a month and will be given T.C. at the end of the year. They will be allowed to attend the class only for that year, after signing an agreement along with the parents.
7.   Anyone caught in immoral activities which bring shame to the students community will be given TC.
8.    Affairs between boys & girls will lead to suspension and TC.


1.     Students absent from any examination without grave reasons will be considered as having failed (Classes 9 – 12).
2.     The decision taken by the school authorities regarding promotion is final. Progress reports showing the application of the pupils and their results will be sent to the parents after every school examination. Parents or guardians are requested to examine the progress report carefully and see that their wards make a special effort to study those subjects in which they are weak.
3.     Students who are caught copying or using any unfair means during any of the examinations/tests will be detained or given T.C. at the end of the year
4.     Class 10 and 12 students who are caught copying or using unfair means during the Selection Examinations will not be allowed to appear for HSLC and HSSLC Examinations.
5.     Students who try to give problems to the teachers through any means, on account of their being caught for copying during examinations, will not be given admission to continue their studies in the school. Such behaviour will lead to the expulsion of all the family members from the school. Again if any untoward incident happens to any member of the staff or management, the school authorities will be forced to take appropriate legal action.
6.     Any student who fails for two consecutive years will be given compulsory T.C.
7.     To secure promotion, one must obtain pass marks according to the criteria of NBSE.
8.     The results of the Mid-Term Examination of classes 9, 10 and 12 will be given out by the Principal to the parents/guardians. For the results of the classes 1 to 8, the parents/ guardians have to come to the school and sign the Personal Cumulative Record (PCR).


1. Don Bosco Higher Secondary School, Wokha is an English Medium school. The medium of instruction and communication is in English. All the students and staff are expected to speak English during the school hours. Anyone found speaking vernacular will be fined Rs. 100. Those who find highest number of people speaking vernacular and submit the name to the office, will be awarded. There will be award for best English Speaking class.
2. The School Diary is a record concerning the student. Therefore, every student must bring the school diary to the class daily. No student will be allowed to sit in the class without School diary. If a school diary is lost, the student must bring a letter from the parents, counter signed by the class teacher to the school office with the payment.
3.     The name, the contact Address, phone number of the parents or guardian’s etc. should be entered correctly and legibly in the calendar. Exchanging the calendar between students is punishable. The use of previous year’s calendar is not allowed.
4.     Staff and students are strictly prohibited from smoking, eating of pan, tobacco in any form, consumption of alcohol and drugs etc. in the school campus during school hours. Violation of the above mentioned rule will lead to Suspension/ Expulsion. Eating chewing gum or any eatables in the class will be fined Rs. 500.
5.     Parents who seek information or who wish to make some complaints or suggestions should do so to the Principal and not to the teachers.
6.     Parents are requested not to enter the class room to speak to the teacher during class hours. The school cannot be held responsible for accidents, minor or serious to students during the school hours.
7.     Students are not allowed to leave the school premises during the school hours without the permission of the principal. If anyone wants to go during the school hours, parents have to request the Principal personally.
8.     THE SCHOOL UNIFORM is compulsory on all class days, official functions and special classes. No student will be allowed to attend classes, official functions and special classes without full uniform.
9. Long pointed shoes, shirts with certain writings or figures are not allowed in the school. Use of lipsticks, nail polish, short chains, large ear rings of any kinds, writing of tattoos, keeping of long nails are strictly forbidden. Appropriate action will be taken of any one violates this rule.
10. Boys hair should be trimmed (one inch) and combed. Girls have to use red ribbons to tie the hair which are woven neatly into two plaits. Applying of hair stickers, hair fixers, glue, gel, partially or complete shaving off hair from the head, coloring hair (except black) are strictly forbidden.

11.    The school banyan, white canvas, white socks and Track Suit is compulsory on Wednesday.
12.    Students must be encouraged to develop a spirit of generosity. However, no gift or demonstration of any sort, individual or collective, to the teacher is allowed without the previous consent of the Principal.
13.     Students are not allowed to leave text books and note books in the class rooms after school hours.
14.     No collection of fine or funds of any sort by anyone for any purpose without the permission of the Principal.
15.     The cultural and co-curricular activities of the school are conducted through the House System provided by the School Authorities in accordance with the educational method of Don Bosco and hence, no other sort of association or union will be allowed. The House System provides ample opportunities for an all round education and development of the students.
16. Students should not arrange by themselves any picnic, excursion or outing without the authorization of the school authority. Serious action will be taken if anyone violates this rule including dismissal from the school.
17.     A fee of Rs. 100/- (One hundred only) will be charged for any extract from the Register and for any other Certificates.
18.    Mobile phones, i-Phone, iPod, Tablet, Camera, Radio or any electronic gadgets are not allowed in the school. If they are found with the students, they will be taken away. A warning and Rs. 1000/- fine will have to be paid to get back the confiscated items. If they repeat, the confiscated items will not be returned. In case such gadgets are brought to the school, they must be submitted to the office.
19. Every student shall endeavor to keep up the high standard and morale of the school by excelling in studies and good manners.
20. Students shall be responsible for the safe custody of their belongings. It is suggested that their name be inscribed on articles. It is not advisable for students to have too much money or expensive articles in their possession.
21. Students are not permitted to join outside tournament except through the school.
22. No student will remain in the class during Assembly, Library, PHE and Computer period without proper reason or permission.
23.    All are expected to bring tiffin and water bottle from home.